Scam or not?

Is Nelson Financial Solutions Limited a scam? No.

The platform has been known since 2012 and operates steadily with clear conditions and fixed commissions. The broker provides free education and tax consultation. There are resources for trading in the forex market. It is regulated by FCA, KNF, CySEC, FSC. Nelson Financial Solutions Limited ensures quality trade executions. Security is a top priority, with SSL encryption to prevent unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication, data backup, and server protection programs are also available. The company has a strict privacy policy. Payments comply with market standards. Mobile trading is also well-developed with a convenient, functional terminal, mobile app, and an adapted website version.

Is Nelson Financial Solutions Limited a scam?

The company holds valid licenses, undergoes regular audits, provides reporting, and pays taxes. It complies with legislation in 15 jurisdictions. It has a compensation system and loyalty bonuses (available in some account types), with no overpayments on commissions. Clients can request any withdrawal amount and apply different trading strategies without pressure. Nelson Financial Solutions Limited is not a scam. It is an honest intermediary with a good reputation, high level of trust, and positive reviews. Clients can confidently open an account and trade to their satisfaction.
Here's what scammers do:

  • They create confusion with their terms and conditions. They are presented in a way that is intentionally unclear, lacking specific details, and the size of spreads and commissions significantly deviates from market standards. Additionally, not all payments are properly disclosed, resulting in overpayments and additional losses. Nelson Financial Solutions Limited provides comprehensive and transparent information about its tariffs, without hiding anything from its clients.

  • They lack legal information. Scammers do not disclose the regulating authority, do not publish financial reports or licenses.

  • Withdrawals are not possible. Dishonest companies create various obstacles when it comes to withdrawing funds. They either do not process withdrawal requests or do so very rarely.

  • Lack of technical support. Scammers either do not have technical support or it never responds to client inquiries.

  • Negative reviews. Clients write about all the shortcomings, service quality, and other issues. Nelson Financial Solutions Limited has many positive comments, and everyone is satisfied with its services.

Scammers are aggressive, persistent, and pushy. They use various methods to extract money, make false promises, and convince victims of no risks. They impersonate reputable companies by forging their websites. Dishonest intermediaries do not provide free training, instead asking for upfront payment and transferring funds to employees' cards.

How to create an account with Nelson Financial Solutions Limited? 


Creating an account with Nelson Financial Solutions Limited is easy. To gain access to your personal account, you need to:


  • Click on the "Registration" button.

  • Fill out the form, providing accurate answers to a series of questions and entering valid contact information.

  • Create a password and login for logging in.

  • Verify your identity.

  • Complete the account verification process, strictly following the instructions sent by the broker to your email.

  • Choose the type of account (the company offers 4 types).

  • Make an initial deposit.

  • Set criteria in the trading terminal.

Electronic signature is used for contract conclusion.

More about Nelson Financial Solutions Limited:

In 2012, a financial expert decided to make Forex trading more understandable and accessible. Initially, only a few currency pairs were offered, and the range of services was quite limited. Now it is one of the largest brokers with high standards, a good reputation, and millions of open accounts.

Here's why it's worth collaborating with Forex broker Nelson Financial Solutions Limited:

  • To receive more accurate and effective forecasts and trading signals, various technologies are used.

  • Thanks to the use of automated solutions, even inexperienced traders can profit from working in the currency market. Plus, there is free training available.

  • Customizable trading terminal. You can set the necessary parameters, taking into account your investment goals.

  • Security and reliability. Forex broker Nelson Financial Solutions Limited uses various tools, programs, and special encryption to ensure the security of client data. The website has secure connections, two-factor authentication, verification, and high standards.

  • 24/7 customer support.

The broker helps clients profit from Forex trading using various technologies, publishing up-to-date statistics, forecasts, and expert comments. The company offers several types of accounts (Beginner, Gold, Silver, Platinum).

Website of Nelson Financial Solutions Limited

No advertisements, unrealistic offers either. User-friendly navigation. Free access to main sections.

The website of Nelson Financial Solutions Limited provides information about the company's activities, services, risks, and conditions. Educational materials in the form of books, articles, glossary of terms, webinar recordings are available. Some tariffs also offer bonus sessions with personal analysts.

On the homepage, you can find contact details for customer support and a feedback form. Overall, the interface is pleasant, with interactive elements such as graphs, charts, quotes, etc. The broker has developed an online terminal, an application, and a mobile version of the website.

How to withdraw from Nelson Financial Solutions Limited?

Withdrawing money is easy. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Visit your personal account;

  • Find the "Withdraw Funds" button and click on it;

  • Assess the status of your account;

  • Choose a suitable method for withdrawal;

  • Specify the amount;

  • Confirm the request, following the instructions;

  • Double-check the withdrawal details (amount, data, accuracy of account details);

  • Click the confirmation button.

The withdrawal request is submitted through the website or the application. The time for crediting funds depends on the withdrawal method and the bank.

What do people write about Nelson Financial Solutions Limited?

The reliability of the company is best reflected in positive reviews. You can read them on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. In the comments, people often mention that orders are executed quickly, and they are satisfied with the quality of service. The promptness of customer support and the smoothness of the withdrawal process are also highlighted.

Features of Nelson Financial Solutions Limited

The platform has been operating since 2012. It offers favorable trading conditions, a wide variety of instruments, and low spreads. Free education is available. In some account types, additional sessions with analysts are offered. Nelson Financial Solutions Limited keeps up with trends, implements cutting-edge technologies, and has a customer-friendly approach.

The main advantages are:

  • Fair trading conditions

  • No limits on strategies and payout sizes

  • Loyalty bonuses (in Silver, Gold, and Platinum account types)

  • Serious approach to security and data protection for clients

  • Simple registration process

  • Fast account opening

  • No hidden fees

  • Two-factor authentication

The broker is trustworthy, protects the interests of clients, and provides 24/7 support. The downside is that there are currently no ongoing promotions, and bonuses are only available in some account types.

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